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ComRod™ Horizontal Rod 10′ Long

ComRod™ Horizontal Rod 10′ Long



Constructed of sturdy copper tubing, the ComRod™ is built to last. A heavy #2 tinned “pigtail” provides for easy connection to other parts of the grounding system. Because the pigtail is attached via factory exothermic weld directly to the copper tube, it has the best physical and electrical bond possible. This is your assurance of a reliable system.

ComRods™ provide solutions to your most difficult grounding problems when used in conjunction with ComRod™ Galvanic Backfill. This revolutionary product contains a portion of bentonite for its moisture retention properties, and balances the mixture with materials which increase conductivity. These added materials alleviate the shrinkage problems caused by using pure bentonite. Because of this special mixture, ComRod™ Galvanic Backfill actually enhances the electrical contact with the earth.

Ground Rods are provided in kit form and include Ground Rod, Inspection Well and ComRod™ Galvanic Backfill.