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The Qwikport is a lightweight, seamless roof cable entry with 24 integral entry ports. Why use a heavy, expensive steel roof cable entry that requires separate entry ports? The Qwikport can be carried by one man up an elevator to a rooftop. Seamless construction provides protection against leakage. The 24 four-inch entry ports are part of the unit, rather than an expensive add-on. The ports are completely sealed until opened with the hole saw which is included with each unit, so unused ports can never leak. 12 ports are located on opposite sides to eliminate the need for 180 degree cable bends. The opposing ports are also offset for ease of installation. (Ports accept standard four-inch boots – not included.) Built-in flashing reduces the time required to install the roof entry. Unlike competing products which have a small hole in the side for hand access, the entire top of the Qwikport is easily removed for cable installation.

A 20″ ground bus bar is provided on each port side to ground the coax lines. Also available is the Qwikport Jr. with 12 four-inch entry ports. (13” bus bar included.)


Part # Description Overall Height
QWKPRT QwikPort 24 ports 38″