QM1-2-10 Single tank ballast w/2″ x 10′ pipe $1,102.00
QM1-4-10 Single tank ballast w/4″ x 10′ pipe $1,273.00
QM2-4-10 Double tank ballast w/4″ x 10′ pipe $2,037.00


The Qwikmount is revolutionary in design. By utilizing water as ballast, the Qwikmount eliminates the cost and hassle of transporting bricks, sand, or concrete to the roof to ballast a mount. With Qwikmount, all you need is a hose and a faucet! The shipping weight is less than 160 lbs., compared to 480-1000 lbs. for other brands! The segmented ballast tank of cross-linked HDPE material comes in three sections, for easier shipping and handling, and quickly bolts together to provide a stable support for your antenna. Why spend 10 man-hours or more just locating, purchasing, transporting and carrying ballast to the roof, when one person can carry a Qwikmount in a freight elevator and have it completely assembled in as little as one hour? Qwikmount may also be used in groups to form array assemblies.

The Qwikmount will support a variety of antennas for cellular, PCS, SMR, microwave and other uses. It is available with standard mast pipe size of 2” and 4” (standard pipe sizes), with special sizes available on request. There are no rust worries with Qwikmount, all metal parts are aluminum or hot dip galvanized steel, and all fasteners are stainless steel. Qwikmount has a tilting mast, to allow antennas and cables to be mounted while mast is in a horizontal position. A variety of Qwikmount accessories are available, including cable trays and cable supports, antenna mounts, antenna mounting arrays, and roof entries.


Tank weight (empty) 31 lbs. per section, 3 sections
Shipping Weight 160 lbs. (2” pipe) 190 lbs. (4” pipe)
Standard Mast Size 2” and 4” ips (2-3/8” and 4-1/2”O.D.) 10’ High – 6061 T6 Aluminum; custom lengths available
Roof Load 20 psf (single ballast) 40 psf (double ballast)
Overturning Moment 2900 ft./lbs. (single ballast) 5500 ft./lbs. (double ballast)
Antenna Loading 5.6 sq. ft. (single tank) 10.5 sq. ft. (double tank)
Ballast Water (25 gallons per tank with antifreeze in areas subject to freezing)
Weight of Base 625 lbs. for single tank; 1250 lbs. for double tanks
Area 7 foot diameter